Tuesday, 20 February 2018

 EAF Exhibition Portfolio

The 2017 EAF Exhibition Portfolio disc will contain all the images accepted for the Exhibition as a menu-driven presentation. Images selected to represent the EAF in the PAGB Inter-Federation events will be accompanied by a commentry by Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB.

The Portfolio DVD costs just £7.50 and is isuued as a disc that you can keep. This gives excellent viewing on a Club evening on any convenient date. It is anticipated that the discs will be ready by mid September at the latest. The Order Form should be completed as soon as possible and sent along with a cheque, payable to the EAF, for £7.50, to the Portfolio Secretary.

The disc will be in PC format with one resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels and will work well with all projector resolutions.

If there is sufficient demand a MAC version may be produced, but please contact the Portfolio Secretary if you are interested in obtaining a MAC version.

EAF 2017 Exhibition Portfolio

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