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New "C" Panel Judges

Following the Judges workshop in November. The Judges Secretary is pleased to announce that the following people have been added to the “C” panel of Judges.

They are listed below in no particular order along with their preferred method of communication
David Woods: Harlow P.S. 01279 757541
Malcolm Rapier ARPS EFIAP BPE3* CPAGB: Edmonton C.C. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Alison Jenkins LRPS: Ware P.S. 07581 016899 
Stephen Milner LRPS: Bunwell & Dist C.C. 01953 860866 
Linda Woodward CPAGB: St Neots & Dist C.C. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tony Bramley FRPS: Colchester P.S. 07870441540
Malcolm Rapier who joins our “C” panel has been judging at clubs for a number of years and is an experienced Judge.
We would ask all clubs to extend an invitation to these Judges and to make them feel welcome at your club.


EAF Judges Secretary

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

Stirling: 26th/27th November 2016

The autumn adjudication was held recently in Stirling, hosted by the Scottish Photographic Federation.
It was another excellent weekend, efficiently organised by the PAGB team and many members from the Scottish Executive and local clubs.
The EAF had 22 applications with 14 successful applicants.
The following members can now add the respective letters after their names:

Credit Prints:
Thomas Irving, LRPS, CPAGB and David Purkiss, LRPS, CPAGB, both from Thurrock CC, Alan Martin, CPAGB, Paul Mee, CPAGB, and Ian Ryall, CPAGB, all from Loughton CC, Alan Lyall, LRPS, CPAGB, from Beccles CC,  Nigel Northwood, CPAGB, of St.Neots & DCC and Clifford Sullivan, CPAGB, from Colchester PS.
Credit PDIs:
Jonathon Banks, CPAGB, from Chelmsford CC, Mark Farrington, CPAGB, from Cambridge CC, Prashant Meswani, LRPS, CPAGB, from Shillington & DCC and Caroline Tillett, BPE1*, CPAGB from Wayland PC.
Distinction Prints:
Bob Coote, DPAGB, of Royston PS and Derek Howes, DPAGB, of Colchester PS.
It was another successful weekend for the Federation, seven of the successful applicants braving the cold weather to make their way so far north in order to attend the event. We offer our sincere congratulations to them all on their achievement.
Successful applicants for Credit Prints, including EAF members Alan Lyall, Alan Martin, Paul Mee & Nigel Northwood.
 Sucessful applicants for Credit PDIs, including EAF member Caroline Tillett.
Sucessful applicants for Distinction Prints, including EAF member Derek Howes.
(All images courtesy of Gordon Rae)

The April adjudication is almost full. This will be hosted by the Southern Photographic Federation and be held at the Croydon & District Masonic Halls, 73, Oakfield Road, Croydon, CR0 2UX over the weekend of 22nd/23rd April 2017.

As soon as the books close for this adjudication they will open for November 2017 which is being hosted by our own Federation and held in Colchester over the weekend of 25th/26th November. So, if anyone thinks that they are ready to tackle this at any level, now is to the time to consider applying and contact me.
Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB,
Federation Awards Secretary

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Inter-Club PDI Championship 2016

Saturday 16th July 2016 at Warwick
This year the Federation had four clubs entering the Championships, Cambridge Camera Club and Colchester Photographic Society along with Norfolk Photographic Group and Beyond Group , both of whom reached the final last year and therefore had automatic entry this year. In all 39 clubs were contesting the Championships.

Congratulations to Beyond Group for again getting through to the final eight, competing for the Darwin Clayton Trophy, finishing in equal 7th place. Our other three clubs competed in the Plate Competition with Colchester PS in equal 10th place, Norfolk PG in 14th place and Cambridge CC in equal 16th place.

It was a very well organised day and ran very smoothly, it being a big task to check and up-load 1560 images, reselecting after each round. There was a big contingent attending from the EAF, all agreeing it was a very good day.

2016 Club Print Championship Report

On Sunday 6th March, 24 clubs took part in the Club Print Championship at Fulbourn, near Cambridge.  In Round  1, each club showed 15  images, trying to win a place in Round  2.  The top 10 clubs progressed to Round  2 and showed a further 10  images.

After all 25 images, the results were:

Winning club, gaining the Ken Ratley Trophy: Beyond Group

Runnerup club, gaining the Eric Saul Memorial Trophy: Cambridge Camera Club
Third placed club certificate: Ware and District Photographic Society

Beyond Group and Cambridge Camera Club will now represent the EAF at the PAGB Federation Interclub Championship, which will be held at Ormskirk High School on Sunday 6th  November this year.  Tickets will be available via the PAGB website in due course.

My thanks to everyone who helped make the day possible: the clubs, the executive, their spouses and friends, and, of course, the 3 judges.  The Print Championship is more labour-intensive than the PDI Championship, with much work going on behind the scenes. We had a slight scare on the Friday, when it seemed that one of the judges, Christine Widdall, might be snowbound in Lancashire; fortunately there was a thaw, but we are grateful to her husband for helping to ensure that she was able to get to Cambridgeshire.
Best Print: “Location, Location, Location” by Geoff Lee of Focus 24
Graham Hodgkiss’s Award: “Morning Ritual” by Barbie Lindsay of Beyond Group
Colin Harrison’s Award: “The Lady and the Lamp” by David Giffin of Beyond Group
Christine Widdall’s Award: “Crofter’s Daughter” by Patricia Jacobs of Thurrock Camera Club
Graham Shirra
EAF Championship Secretary
8th Mar 2016

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Inter-Club Print Championship 2016

Sunday 6th November 2016 at Ormskirk
The EAF was represented by Beyond Group and Cambridge Camera Club.
Scott Coe of Beyond Group reports:
“The day got off to great start with the judges quickly finding their feet after a few warm up prints and the high scores started to flow. After a number of images scoring the magic 15 points, it meant that the scoring was very tight at the top of the scoreboard with only a few points separating the top 10 clubs. The judges had their preferred styles with creative images scoring well, nudes not scoring so well, but it was good to see some very good landscapes receiving high scores.
Unfortunately, come the end of the 12 rounds, neither Beyond Group nor Cambridge qualified for the finals.  Wigan 10 went onto to win the PAGB Print Championships with an excellent set of images.
To help celebrate the 20th anniversary there were additional awards and small gifts for all.  It was a great day out all round, and it only remains to thank Rod Wheelans for all his efforts over the past 20  years.”
Graham Shirra
EAF Championships Secretary

PAGB/Awards for Photographic Merit

Gateshead, 23rd/24th April 2016

The spring adjudication was held recently at Gateshead, organised by the Northern Counties Photographic Federation. What a weekend, with the highs and lows and all the emotion! We had 29 applications and 22 successes, our highest total on both points.

The following members can now add the respective letters after their names:
Credit Prints
Jane Barrett, CPAGB of Benfleet CC; David Blackwell, CPAGB of Clacton CC; Elaine Butcher, CPAGB & Derek Howes, both of Colchester PS; Michael Crack, CPAGB & Heather Tabor, both of Chelmsford CC; Colin Dixon, CPAGB of St Neots & DCC; Julie Hutson, CPAGB of Brentwood & DCC; Mick Ladner, CPAGB of Upminster CC; Cliff Marsh, CPAGB & Roger Newark, CPAGB both of March CC; Barbara Norris, CPAGB, of Ware & DCC; Mark Seaton, CPAGB of Bishops Stortford CC; Stephen Stringer, CPAGB of Photofold CC.
Credit PDI
Andrea  Caws, BPE2*, CPAGB, Diane Jackson, BPE3*, CPAGB & Keith Mountford, BPE2*, CPAGB all of Wayland & DCC; Terry Stone, CPAGB of Colchester PS.
Distinction Prints
Colin Birch, LRPS, BPE1*, DPAGB of Chelmsford CC; Sarah Kelman, ARPS, DPAGB of Swavesey CC; Chris Netton, DPAGB of Beyond Group.
Master Prints
Roy Essery, MPAGB of Colchester PS.



We offer our sincere congratulations to them all on their achievement.

This was a hugely successful weekend for those members who applied and achieved their distinctions. Also, considering the distance involved, 15 members made the long journey north.
The books are now open for the autumn adjudication, which will take place in Sterling over the weekend of 26th/27th November 2016. Already we have 18 applicants for this event.
Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB,
Federation Awards Secretary

 2016 PDI Club Championship Report

On Sunday 7th February 31 clubs took part in the PDI Club Championship at Fulbourn near Cambridge.  Each club showed 15 images in Round One, fighting for a place in Round Two.  The top scoring 13 clubs progressed to Round Two showing us a further 10 images.  All 25 images count towards the final positions and the final results were:

Winning club gaining the EAF Trophy – Cambridge Camera Club

Runner up club gaining the Eric Saul Memorial Trophy – Beyond Group
Third placed club certificate – Colchester Photographic Society
Well done to Colchester PS - this is the first time their club will represent the EAF at the PAGB PDI Club Championship.
Beyond Group and Norfolk Photography Group are automatically through to this year’s PAGB Club Championship by being in the PAGB Final last year.  They will be joined by Cambridge CC and Colchester PS.  
The PAGB Federation Inter -Club Championship will be held at Warwick University on 16th July this year.  It is a good event, especially with four EAF clubs taking part – why not plan a trip there that day.  Tickets are needed in advance from the PAGB website.
My thanks to everyone who helped to make the day possible – the clubs, the executive, their spouses and friends and of course, the three judges.  My special thanks go to Ian Wilson and Chris Fell both of Cambridge CC who helped me out when the programme we use to run the event let us down.  The projection was fine but scores were not reliably stored so the sort for 13s, 14s and 15s had to be done manually.  That meant Ian and Chris missed seeing Round Two completely but were elated to hear their own club had won.
Best PDI: ‘Happy Dog’ by Linda Lamb of Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club
Don Byatt’s award: ‘Training session’ by Steve Vause of Ware & District Photographic Society
David Gibbins’ award: ‘Volcano hummingbird in the wild’ by Alison Johnson of Chelmsford Camera Club
Rosemary Wilman’s award: ‘Moonrise over Flaksted’ by Ann Miles of Cambridge Camera Club

Marilyn Steward
(Now Ex-)EAF Championship Secretary
8th Feb 2016
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