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PAGB Club Print Championships 2011

Great news! Congratulations to Cambridge CC and Beyond Group who both got into the top five of the PAGB Championships at Connah’s Quay on 22nd October 2011.  Cambridge CC came 4th and Beyond Group 5th.  That is indeed something to celebrate – it is the first time the EAF has had two clubs so highly placed in that Championship.  The marking was so tight that the final positions all depended on the last set of prints to be marked.  I know the members of those club’s will be on cloud nine for some time!
Both clubs will automatically represent the EAF at the 2012 PAGB Club Print Championships and in addition the EAF will send two more clubs. Also taking part were Norfolk Photography Group. I wasn’t at the Championships myself but I've asked each of the clubs representing the EAF for a mini report - see below..
Marilyn Steward
EAF Competition Secretary

Report from Beyond Group

'Waiting' by Chrissie Westgate
'Waiting' by Chrissie Westgate

"We have chosen 'Waiting' to represent our club, as it was the only monochrome image during the whole day that retained a '15' from the first round then to receive a '15' again in the finals too but ironically it didn't pick up an award at the end of the day. Perhaps this was the biggest disappointment for us as a group, as we felt Chrissie Westgate deserved some recognition for this unique feat.

It is now be the 6th year running that the 'Beyond Group' has managed to get into the finals at Connah's Quay and this too must be a unique achievement in its own right, and one that we are justifiably proud of.

Cambridge came 4th with a brilliant set of images, closely followed by ourselves, the 'Beyond Group', just one point behind. This certainly backed up the judges opinion from the EAF event, of which Cambridge were deemed top club. Well done Cambridge. It also means that next year, the EAF will have 4 clubs going forward to Connah's Quay for the first time in its history.

We'll be there of course, proudly representing the EAF, and it would be great to meet up with a few others too from the EAF, at this event and afterwards for a meal, if anyone would like to join us. It has become a bit of a tradition with our group to turn this into a social event at the same time."  Report by Barbie Lindsay

Report from Norfolk Photography Group

“I think that this is another commendable performance by our small club. Just to represent the region at national championships is an achievement in itself and then to finish approximately half-way we felt was excellent.”  Report by Mike Hancock


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