Thursday, 18 January 2018

2017 Club Championships

PDI Championship Result: Sunday 5th February 2017

Winning club - Beyond Group

Runner up club - Thurrock CC

Third club - Wayland & District PC

4th - Cambridge CC

5th - Chelmsford CC

6th - Colchester PS

7th= - Welwyn Garden City PC

7th= - Bottisham & Burwell PC

9th= - Stevenage PS

9th= - Loughton CC

11th - Ipswich & District PS

12th - East Ipswich CC

13th - North Norfolk PS

14th - Bishops Stortford CC

Best PDI of the Day - 'Quicksilver Surfer' by Brian Titchiner of Thurrock CC

Bill Hall's award - 'The Chase' by Robin Orrow of Wayland & District PC

Barry Mead's award - 'Playing with Death' by Dan Beecroft of Loughton CC

Leo Rich's award - 'Wild Dogs Confront Rhino' by Di Jackson of Wayland & District PC


Print Championship Result: Sunday 12th March 2017

Winning club - Cambridge CC

Runner up club - Beyond Group

Third club - Colchester PS

4th - Chelmsford CC

5th - Loughton CC

6th - Thurrock CC

7th - Ipswich & District CC

8th - Bottisham & Burwell PC

9th - PICO

10th - Wisbech & District CC

11th - Stevenage PS


Best Print of the Day - 'Mesmerised' by Marcia Mellor of Beyond Group

Duncan Hill's award - 'Chalkhill Blues 1' by Christine Bulpitt of Cambridge CC

Chris Palmer's award - 'Crofter's Daughter' by Patricia Jacobs of Thurrock CC

Dave Stewart's award - 'Together as one' by Trish Wilcox of Cambridge CC


Updated: 22nd March 2017
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