Expenses for PAGB Speakers/Lecturers

Speakers should be reimbursed for all travelling expenses including full standard rail fare, bus and/or taxi, if required. Where a speaker uses his or own car he/she is entitled to be paid up to 45p per mile (or the PAGB rate in force at the time of the visit).

By agreement at the time of booking, speakers may also claim for:


  1. The cost of a meal and/or overnight accommodation. (Where a speaker has travelled some distance, it is common practice for an established club member to provide overnight accommodation and/or a meal.)
  2. A charge to cover the wear and tear of the speakers own equipment, to a maximum of £15.
  3. The cost of consumables used during the lecture or demonstration.

It is up to the club to ensure that all expenses are agreed in advance of the engagement. Please note that some speakers will charge a fee, or additional expenses, over and above the PAGB expenses. Speakers who charge a fee or additional expenses are listed under a separate heading in each Federation's entry in the PAGB Handbook. This cost to be agreed at time of booking.

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