• Break Through - Nick Alston - Highly Commended
  • Displaced - Chrissie Westgate - David Smith's Award (Colour Print)
  • Doorstep Girl - Chrissie Westgate - Highly Commended
  • Febrrrrrrry - Chris Aldred - Highly Commended
  • HC Ostrich Ruffling Her Feathers June Sparham
  • Hold That Pose - Peter Baker - Highly Commended
  • Juvenile Kestrel Begging for Food - Paul Smith - Highly Commended
  • Nearly Home - Barbara Norris - Highly Commended
  • Off to Market - Pat Frewin - Highly Commended
  • Pelican Reflections - Kevin Williams - Highly Commended
  • Scurfy Twiglet Mushrooms - Matthew Clarke - Highly Commended
  • Selector Jean Brooks The Olive Grove Chris Thurston
  • Shades of Aqua - Pat Frewin - Highly Commended
  • Sunrise on the River Crouch - John McDowall - Best Colour Print
  • The Shepherds Hut - Bob Norris - Highly Commended
  • The Siren - Barbie Lindsay - Highly Commended
  • Trees in the Mist - John McDowall - Highly Commended
  • Turnstone Squabble - Kevin Pigney - Highly Commended
  • Warding off the Hyena - Liz Akers - Glyn Edmund's Award (Colour Print)
  • Where Old Boats Go To Die - Andrew Colgan - Highly Commended
  • Back-to-Front - Ann Miles - Jean Brooks' Award (Mono Print)
  • Blind Pilgrim, Varanasi - Colin Westgate - Highly Commended
  • Decaying Lily - Pat Frewin - Highly Commended
  • Estuary Light - Chris Aldred - David Smith's Award (Mono Print)
  • Inquisitive Young at Hyena Den - June Sparham - Glyn Edmund's Award (Mono Print)
  • Last Light of the Day - Roy Essery - Highly Commended
  • Stickmen - Martin Goddard - Highly Commended
  • Sweeping Light - Colin Brett - Highly Commended
  • The Storm Hits - Roy Essery - Highly Commended
  • Tree in Mist and Frost - John McDowall - Best Monochrome Print
  • White-Out - Graham Coldrick - Highly Commended
  • Bit Scary - Annie Nash - Highly Commended
  • Boxing Hares - Lynn Rix - Highly Commended
  • Catch - Fiona Adamson - Highly Commended
  • Crocuses - Sophia Spurgin - Highly Commended
  • Cuckoos Mating - Kevin Williams - Highly Commended
  • Dark Potions - Jane Barrett - Highly Commended
  • Essex Skipper approaching Marbled White - Charles Whitfield King - Highly Commended
  • Failed Escape - Tom Plucinski - Glyn Edmund's Award (PDI)
  • Feeding the Kids - Annie Nash - Highly Commended
  • Fungi and Fairy dust - Sophia Spurgin - Best Image (PDI)
  • Horsey Mill Dawn - Maurice Young - Highly Commended
  • I mean it - Nick Alston - David Smith's Award (PDI)
  • Kerkini Pelicans at Dawn - Kevin Williams - Highly Commended
  • Kestrel on Feeding Post - John Hastings - Highly Commended
  • Large White on Scabious - Paul Radden - Highly Commended
  • Marbled White in the Morning Dew - Stacey Purkiss - Highly Commended
  • Scramble - Roger Bradshaw - Highly Commended
  • Shall We Dance - Chris Pugh - Jean Brooks' Award
  • Southwold Pier At Blue Hour - Andrew Colgan - Highly Commended
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  • Undercarriage of a Green Shield Bug - Stacey Purkiss - Highly Commended
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Slideshow of the award winning images from the 2024 Exhibition

Click HERE for a link to a PDF document giving full details of each image (Title, Author & Distinctions, Club/Society and Award received)

The East Anglian Federation (EAF) of Photographic Societies was founded in 1910 and has thus been in existence for over 100 years. The EAF is a constituent founder Member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), which is the parent organisation for camera clubs and photographic societies throughout the UK. Having 102 member clubs and societies with about 3500 individual members, the EAF is one of the largest federations in the PAGB covering the area of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and that part of Hertfordshire which lies to the east of the M1 motorway. Following the closure of the Central Federation in 1989 a number of North and East London clubs were welcomed into the East Anglian Federation.

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If you are looking for maps, booking forms or application forms then please visit our
Downloads Page

Latest News

The PAGB Inter-Club Projected Digital Image Championship 2024

The Championship was held on the 21st July 2024 in Warwick

The Judges were:

        Tilman Kleinhans ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE5
        Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP HonPAGB HonSPF
        Howard Tate MA ARPS AFIAP HonPAGB

The Final winning Club was Chorley Photographic Society

The Plate winning Club was Arden Photo Group

The EAF were represented by Beyond Group and PICO
PICO finished in equal 5th position with Beyond Group just behind them in 7th position

This means that PICO & Beyond Group will have automatic entry into next year's Championship which gives a big opportunity for two other EAF clubs to join them. Just need to be the top two scoring clubs, excluding PICO & Beyond Group, in the 2025 EAF Inter-club Championship.

Click HERE for the full PAGB results document that gives some further details of the result

2024 EAF Exhibition Portfolio

The 2024 EAF Exhibition Portfolio which shows all the monochrome prints, colour prints and PDI's that were selected to form the 2024 EAF Exhibition is now available. Free if your club is a member of the EAF Federation and you request the downloadable version.
(You may still obtain a physical DVD-based version, if you would prefer, at a cost of just £10.00)
More details on the Portfolio Page.

2024 EAF Exhibition Images & Catalogue

The slideshow at the top of this page has been updated to display the award winning images from the Exhibition.

The 12 "major" award winning images, "Best Images" & "Judges Awards", can be viewed HERE where there is also a link to a PDF version of the Exhibition Catalogue. The Catalogue can be downloaded from the Downloadable Documents page.

EAF Bulletin - June 2024

We have two versions of the Bulletin.

One version most suitable for viewing on Computer Monitors and one version most suitable for viewing on Mobile Devices.

Click on the cover image to visit the Bulletin Page where you can view/download the version of your choice.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Awards for Photographic Merit Weekend
Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th April 2024.

The most recent adjudication took place over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th/28th April 2024 at St Mary’s College, Basingstoke, hosted by the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. It was a well-run weekend, although the hall was a little on the cool side, but there was plenty of space.

There were 126 applications nationwide with 25 applicants from our Federation, many of whom attended, and those who were successful were able to collect their respective badges from the President Elect, David Gibbins, ARPS, EFIAP/b, BPE 5*, APAGB, who was deputising for PAGB President, Daphne Hanson.

Of our 25 applicants, 17 have been successful over four levels. Unfortunately, the certificates will not be available until late May, and by then most clubs will have closed for the summer recess so most of the certificates will have to be mailed.

We can now offer our congratulations to the following successful members.

Credit Prints: Lachlan French CPAGB from Saffron Waldon CC, Jan Bond CPAGB from Halstead & DPS, Helen Mackay LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP from St Neots & DCC, and Hilary Knight CPAGB from Colchester PS.

Credit PDIs: Mark Glenister CPAGB, BPE3* from Biggleswade & DCC, Keith Gypps ARPS, CPAGB from Cambridge CC, Stephen Laws LRPS, CPAGB, from St. Ives PC, Jennifer McDonald CPAGB, from Chelmsford CC, Charles Phillips CPAGB from Bury St. Edmunds PS, and Derek Nimmo CPAGB, BPE 1* from PICO.

Distinction Prints: David Morement DPAGB, BPE 1* from Hoddesdon CC, Peter Baker DPAGB, LRPS from Royston PS and Carol Martin DPAGB, LRPS from Bury St. Edmunds PS.

Distinction PDIs: Chris Pugh DPAGB, BPE 1* from Colchester PS, and Ian McDonald DPAGB from Chelmsford CC.

Excellence Prints: Bob Coote EPAGB from Royston PS and Derek Howes EPAGB from Colchester PS.
Bob and Derek are our first two members in the Federation to achieve the new EPAGB (Excellence) award. To date we have had no applications for the new B (Badge) awards. Also, at this adjudication we had no Masters applications.

Images: (Left/Top) Credit Prints - Hilary Knight (Colchester PS), Jan Bond (Halstead & DPS) and Lachlan French (Saffron Walden CC). (Right/Bottom) Credit PDI's - Jennifer McDonald (Chelmsford CC), Keith Gypps (Cambridge CC) and Derek Nimmo (PICO).

Images: (Left/Top) Distinction Prints - Peter Baker (Royston PS), Carol Martin (Bury St Edmunds PS) and David Morement (Hoddeson CC). (Right/Bottom) Distinction PDI's - Ian McDonald (Chelmsford CC) on the left.

Image: Excellence Prints - Derek Howes (Colchester PS) on the right

(Photographs kindly supplied by Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV)

The books are open for the November adjudication. It was due to be held in South Wales, but sadly they couldn’t find a suitable venue. However, the PAGB team have now found a suitable venue and will be running the weekend at The Winsford Academy, Grange Lane, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 2BT. Further details will follow. To date we have 6 applications.

We will again be running our annual APM Advisory Day at Foxton on the 1st of September with the assistance of some of the PAGB APM team plus a couple of others. Publicity posters and entry forms are available on the Downloadable Documents Page. To date I have 19 applications. Should there not be enough from the EAF to cover costs, I will open it out to nearby Federations as interest has been shown by some of their members who live near the EAF.

Vic Hainsworth ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary

The East Anglian Federation Audio-Visual Trophy 2024

The Competition Rules and an Entry Form/Ticket Request Form are now available on the Downloadable Documents Page

Click on the image for a PDF version of the Poster