East Anglian Federation
  • A Helping Hand - Diana Knight - John Chamberlin Award
  • Aurora Reflections on the Beach - Rachel Dunsdon - Highly Commended
  • Barry and Albert - Chris Carroll Davis - Highly Commended
  • Beech Woodland - Rachel Dunsdon - Highly Commended
  • Brenda's Room - Chrissie Westgate - Highly Commended
  • Brimnes - Chris Aldred - Highly Commended
  • Brown Hares Boxing - Robert Bannister - Best PDI
  • Capercaillie - Robin Orrow - Ray Brammall Award
  • China`s Zhu Yuling, World Championships - Roger Hance - Best Mono Print
  • En Pointe- Rob Howarth - Highly Commended
  • Evening Marsh Run - Paul Keates - Highly Commended
  • Festus - Chrissie Westgate - Ray Brammall Award
  • Fighting for Possession - Di Jackson - Highly Commended
  • Flower Meadow - Hugh Milsom - Best Colour Print
  • Focused Effort - Gary Dean - Highly Commended
  • Frosty Morning, Mersea Island - Colin Westgate - Highly Commended
  • Goodall and Hodge - Mark Sims - Highly Commended
  • Gown and Lamp - Ann Davies - John Chamberlin Award
  • Grasses - Susan McDowall - Highly Commended
  • Hoopoe - Steve Dillon - Highly Commended
  • Hut in the Trees - Rachel Dunsdon - Highly Commended
  • Into the Teeth of the Storm - Chris Fell - Highly Commended
  • Kasumi Ishikawa, High Toss Serve - Roger Hance - Highly Commended
  • Lioness in a Dust Storm - Diana Knight - Highly Commended
  • Marcel Hug Leading in the Rain - Peter Milsom -Highly Commended
  • March Hares Boxing- Robert Macdonald - Highly Commended
  • Megan Marrs Athletics World Cup - Peter Milsom - Highly Commended
  • Menace - Malcolm Rapier - Highly Commended
  • Mersey Island Sunset - Susan McDowall - Highly Commended
  • Mountain Light, Iceland - Colin Westgate - Highly Commended
  • Mr and Mrs Dimka- Chrissie Westgate - John Chamberlin Award
  • No Gain without Pain - Nicholas Culbert - Ray Bramall Award
  • Old Man of Nagpur - Judy Hodgson - Highly Commended
  • Orangutan on Rocks - Annie Nash - Highly Commended
  • Playful Humpback - Geoff Jackson - Highly Commended
  • Ready for Action - Marion Rapier - Highly Commended
  • Redshank Calling - Dawn Osborn - Highly Commended
  • Rising Mists, Tangle Creek - Hugh Milsom - Highly Commended
  • Rough Seas, Scarborough - Hugh Milsom - Highly Commended
  • The edge  of the Chilterns - Bob Norris - Gordon Jenkins Award
  • The Falls of Etive Mor - Wayne Davey - Highly Commended
  • The Great Escape - Diana Knight - Highly Commended
  • The Refuge, Lindisfarne - Chris Aldred - Gordon Jenkins Award
  • The Tree - Barbara Norris - Highly Commended
  • Tough Times - Diana Knight - Highly Commended
  • Trees and Grasses - Hugh Milsom - Highly Commended
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  • Young Brown Hare - Kevin Pigney - Highly Commended
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Slideshow of the award winning images from the 2019 Exhibition

The East Anglian Federation (EAF) of Photographic Societies was founded in 1910 and has thus been in existence for over 100 years. The EAF is a constituent founder Member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), which is the parent organisation for camera clubs and photographic societies throughout the UK. Having 117 member clubs and societies with in excess of 4000 individual members, the EAF is now the largest federation in the PAGB covering the area of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and that part of Hertfordshire which lies to the east of the M1 motorway. Following the closure of the Central Federation in 1989 a number of North and East London clubs were welcomed into the East Anglian Federation.

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If you are looking for maps, booking forms or application forms then please visit our
Downloads Page

Latest News

EAF PDI Championship Score Sheet

The score sheet, showing the clubs involved and the randomised order of projection, is now available on the Downloadable Documents page or from www.eaf.org.uk/documents/2022PDIscoresheet.pdf

EAF PDI Championship Update

All the entries for this year's PDI Championship, which takes place on Sunday 13th February at Fulbourn, are in and there will be 29 clubs taking part. You are encouraged to attend, either in person at Fulbourn or online over Zoom. A Championship advert and the application form for Championship tickets are available for download on the Downloadable Documents page

The Annual General Meeting of the Federation will take place immediately before the PDI Championship. This is the meeting at which club delegates are required to vote for the the Executive Committee for the coming year. This year we will see Vic Hainsworth take over the Presidency of the Federation.

Colin Birch
Championship Secretary
27th January 2022


Vic has been awarded  the PAGB distinction of APAGB. The letters signify ‘Award for Meritorious Service’ and are in recognition of services over many years within the PAGB community of member Federations and affiliated Clubs.  The presentation of Vic’s Certificate and badge was made by the current EAF President, Colin Birch, at a meeting of Colchester PS on 4th January. Vic’s service to photography lies in three main areas – to his club, to judging at clubs throughout the EAF and beyond, and in his service to the EAF and PAGB, mainly through his enthusiastic promotion of the APM (Awards for Photographic Merit) scheme. Vic joined Colchester P.S (then known as Colchester & District Camera Club) in 1973. He soon found himself on the committee, taking on various offices, including the Presidency, which he has held on three separate occasions, the last being from 2010 until the present time. In the early 2000’s, the club went through a bad spell with a much lower membership than that of today and it was largely through Vic’s commitment and determination, helped by a few other dedicated members, that it survived. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and it is now one of the largest clubs in the EAF, with membership capped for operational reasons at 100.

Vic has been involved with judging at Clubs since 2000/01, and his over 20 years of service as a premier judge has been of huge benefit to Clubs in the EAF and their members.

Vic was elected as the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Awards Secretary for the EAF in 2013. He has undertaken that role with immense enthusiasm and has encouraged numerous successful. applicants from members of EAF clubs. This he has achieved by arranging regular assessment meetings, where those interested in applying for the distinctions were able to submit work for review and guidance by experienced members from EAF clubs and beyond.

He is now the President-elect of the EAF and will become its President in February.

 Congratulations Vic!  Colin Westgate, January 2022.

Daphne Hanson DPAGB HonPAGB

The J S Lancaster Medal is a rare award made for exceptional service to the PAGB.  There are only around 40 people in the UK who have been honoured in this way and they are the only ones who may use the distinction HonPAGB aſter their name. It is Daphne’s life-long involvement in photography that has earned her this award.  Around fiſty years ago she was a founder member of the Bottisham & Burwell PC, serving on their committee and undertaking virtually all positions over the years.  Today, as Chairman yet again, not to mention Programme Secretary, she is still in the thick of it while making time to take photographs and enter competitions too.  Daphne qualified as a judge in 1985, and in 1989 she joined the EAF Executive Committee getting fully involved from the start and becoming President in 1998.  She takes a particular interest in judging and has served on the Judges Sub-committee for much of her time as an Executive member.  Unusually, she served a second term as EAF President from 2016 to 2018.

Each Federation has a member of their Committee on the PAGB Executive Committee and in 2004 Daphne took up this position for the EAF and served in that capacity until this year when she was appointed PAGB Vice-President.  She has served on various PAGB Sub-committees and is currently on Awards for Photographic Merit.  The picture shows her at the most recent APM Awards Assessment, being presented with the award by Roger Parry ARPS MPAGB HonPAGB EFIAP, President of the PAGB, so congratulations, Daphne!

Colin Birch
EAF President

Advance Notice
Judges Workshop: November 2022

Sunday 6th November: For new judges and a refresher/promotion group for existing judges at Foxton Village Hall
An application form and a PDF version of the poster are available on the Downloadable Documents page

2022 EAF Exhibition Update
GDPR Signatures for Entries

The uncertainties surrounding the current COVID variants may very well affect Clubs meeting in person in the New Year. I appreciate that when the time comes for Exhibition entries to be handed in to Club representatives, you may be concerned about how to sign the Entry Fee Form and conform to the GDPR requirements, whilst remaining socially distanced if necessary.

In order to help resolve that problem and be ahead of any questions at the time, I am happy to confirm that a personal email addressed by the entrant to the Club collector will be acceptable as long as a printed copy is attached to the form in place of a signature. For PDI’s your Club Collector will no doubt have to print the email themselves, but for print entries a hard copy can be enclosed with the prints.

The wording that must be included in the email is as follows:-

“I hereby signify my specific consent for the EAF to hold and use personal data in connection with the Exhibition, the PAGB entry and to display images on the EAF Website and Portfolio”  

Hon. Exhibition Secretary

EAF Bulletin

The latest issue of the EAF Bulletin (December 2021) is now available.
This issue is digital only in PDF format.
Click on the cover image below to get your copy.
(Previous issues are available on the Bulletin page)

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

At last, after a two-year postponement, it was great to meet up again (Covid - compliant of course) after the last event held at Watford in 2019.  How nice it was to see people in reality rather than on a monitor at home and see they had bodies as well as heads and shoulders! The event was held at the Coombeshead Academy in Newton Abbott, Devon, hosted by the Western Counties Photographic Federation who were very well organised and everything ran smoothly.

It was quite a journey for those of us travelling from East Anglia, but I am pleased to say that several EAF applicants made their way down there and the successful ones were able to have their badge presented to them by the PAGB President, Roger Parry, ARPS, MPAGB, Hon.PAGB, EFIAP. We originally had 17 applications over two categories (there was no Masters adjudication this time), but unfortunately 3 withdrew at a very late stage.

From those remaining 8 were successful, as follows:

Credit Prints – Stephen De Havilland CPAGB from Melbourn & DPC, Desmond King ARPS, CPAGB from Buxton PC and Judith Wells CPAGB, from North Norfolk PS.

Credit PDI – Diane Le Count CPAGB from Bishops Stortford CC,  Roger Bradshaw CPAGB, BPE3* from Biggleswade & DCC, Carole Harvey CPAGB, BPE1* from Rushton & DPS and Jo-Anne Kelly CPAGB, BPE3* QPSA from March CC.

Distinction Prints – June Sparham DPAGB from Welwyn Garden City PC.

Distinction PDI – Gillian Steyn DPAGB, BPE3* PPSA from the Photographic Imaging Co-operative (PICO).

Our sincere congratulations go to them all and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful, but please don’t give up - try again. For those who were successful, I hope to have their certificates before the AGM on 13th February. The books are open for the April Adjudication which is due to take place over the weekend of 23rd/24th April 2022, hosted by the MCPF at the Hillscourt Education Centre, Rose Hill, Rednall, Birmingham. More details will follow later.

A date for your diary: we are planning to hold a ‘live’ APM Advisory Day on Sunday, 4th_September 2022. Please see the advance poster in the December Bulletin and on the Federation website. Further information and application forms will be online in early February 2022.

Successful CPAGB Applicants: Stephen De Havilland from Melbourn & DPC is first left on the back row. PAGB President, Roger Parry is in the centre of the back row.

Successful DPAGB Apllicants: Gillian Steyn from the Photographic Imaging Co-operative (PICO) is second from left on the back row next to Roger Parry, PAGB President

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

EAF Subscriptions & Insurance 2022

The following documents are now available for download on the Downloadable Documents page

Subscriptions & Insurance Information Document
Annual Federation Subscription Form
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Form

There is more information on insurance requirements and options on the Insurance webpage,
Click HERE to visit the page.

2022 EAF Exhibition

The following documents are now available for download on the Downloadable Documents page
PDF Documents
Exhibition Information Document
Exhibition Rules
Collectors List
Exhibition Poster
PDF & Word Documents
Entry Form - Colour Prints
Entry Form - Monochrome Prints
Entry Form - Digital Images
Entry Fees Form

2022 EAF Championships

The following documents are now available for download on the Downloadable Documents page
PDF Documents
Invitation to all Clubs
Championship Rules
Championship Advert
Word Documents
Club PDI and Print Entry Forms
PDI & Print Titles lists
Application Forms for the PDI & Print Championships Tickets

EAF Data Protection Policy - September 2021

The updated EAF Data Protection Policy document is available on the Downloadable Documents page.

"Light at the End of the Tunnel"

A document, from our President has been sent to all Club Secretaries with information about "Hybrid Meetings" and the "Use of Social Media". A copy of the doocument is available HERE.

This has resulted in two new pages on this website within the main menu "Information" dropdown list.

The "hybrid meetings" page gives details of one clubs (Chelmsford CC) implementation of hybrid meetings.

The "social-media-use" page gives information on the potential use of Social Media by Camera Clubs.

Remote Judging and Lecturing: Updated List May 2021

If you are trying to set up Club activities while physical meetings are not possible, here is a list of EAF judges and lecturers who are prepared to judge and/or lecture remotely.

Click HERE for your copy of the list.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Awards for Photographic Merit

Due to the current Pandemic the PAGB/APM team are unable to run the usual live Advisory Days, which have been well received by those attending in the past. However, the APM team have set up on-line Advisory sessions to aid those wishing to apply for distinctions. Since these were established in March 2020 they have proved to be very useful to all the potential applicants.

Providing you are in the system, i.e. have applied or are wishing to apply, you can contact David Smith who is the APM administrator. David can be contacted by email at apmonline@thepagb.org.uk. You will then be allocated an advisor from around the country. Alternatively, go to the PAGB website, click on 'Awards', then click on APM Awards Service and complete the form.

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

EAF 2019 Exhibition Portfolio

The Portfolio DVD contains all the images accepted for the EAF Exhibition, as a menu driven presentation. Award winning images and those selected to represent the EAF in PAGB Inter-Federation events will be accompanied by a commentary by Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB.

The Portfolio DVD costs £7.50 and is issued as a disc you can keep. An order form is available HERE. The disc was produced in PC format only with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels

PAGB 2019 Inter-Federation Exhibition Disc

The PAGB Print & PDI Exhibitions are produced on disc which can be obtained for £10.00 and contains some of the best work from around the UK with images that were selected for the Exhibitions. An order form is available HERE, to be completed and returned to Bob Norris.

New Standard Resolution for EAF PDI Competitions

A new Canon WUX500 projector, which can project to a higher resolution, has been purchased. We can therefore adopt the new PAGB standard resolution of 1600px X 1200px for the EAF Championships and the EAF Exhibition. We will continue to accept file sizes of 1400px X 1050px which will project a little smaller on the screen but strongly recommend that smaller file sizes are not used.

More details of the change are available on page 12 of the September 2018 EAF Bulletin