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Slideshow of the award winning images from the 2019 Exhibition

The East Anglian Federation (EAF) of Photographic Societies was founded in 1910 and has thus been in existence for over 100 years. The EAF is a constituent founder Member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), which is the parent organisation for camera clubs and photographic societies throughout the UK. Having 121 member clubs and societies with in excess of 4000 individual members, the EAF is now the largest federation in the PAGB covering the area of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and that part of Hertfordshire which lies to the east of the M1 motorway. Following the closure of the Central Federation in 1989 a number of North and East London clubs were welcomed into the East Anglian Federation.

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Latest News

2021 Special Exhibition of Prints and Projected Images

The Exhibition will take place at Wingfield Barns during the period 14th - 31st August which includes the Bank Holiday weekend.

The images on show will be those that scored 12 or more in the March 2020 Print and PDI Championships. There will be around 200 prints to enjoy on display, a real treat after so long without being able to physically view Exhibition prints. There will also be a continuous display of the PDI images.

Click on the image below for a PDF version of the poster which gives full details of opening dates and times.

On the opening day we are not able to safely hold our usual Official Opening but our President Colin Birch LRPS DPAGB PAGB-AV will be present all day.

The on site Tea Rooms will be open EVERY day to serve refreshments, cakes and cream teas!

There will also a seperate exhibition of International Mini Prints to view in Gallery 2

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

After many months of 'they're on - they're off'', at last then APM team were able to catch up on the last 18 months of delays. The event was hosted by Smethwick PS over the weekend 26th/27th June and was for Prints only. For the team and the individuals who have been waiting it has been a very frustrating and nail-biting time. Sadly, it had to be a 'closed' event again and at this point we should applaud and thank the PAGB/APM team, the judges and the members of Smethwick Photographic Society who worked extremely hard, adhering to the Covid rules.

All applicants have received their individual results and, hopefully, they will receive their badges next week. It is hoped that the certificates will be with me before the opening of the EAF Exhibition on Saturday 14th August, when they will be presented. I will keep you all informed.

Our congratulations go to all the successful applicants, as below:

Credit Prints: Stephen Ball CPAGB, LRPS from Colchester PS, Richard Burn CPAGB, LRPS from Ampthill & DCC, Naomi Foster CPAGB from Harwich & Dovercourt CC, Jackie Gillman CPAGB, Michael Mansfield CPAGB, Robert Salisbury CPAGB and Kevin Williams CPAGB, all from Bury St Edmunds PS, David Morement CPAGB from Hoddesdon CC, Paul Ravenscroft CPAGB from Melbourn & DPC and Paul Warburton CPAGB, LRPS from Leigh-on-Sea CC.

Distinction Prints: Fiona Adamson DPAGB, LRPS, BPE2* from Potters Bar & PS, Christine Holt DPAGB, from Hoddesdon CC and Paul Smith DPAGB, BPE4*, AWPF from the Beyond Group.

Hopefully, with the current speed of vaccinations, it is hoped that the autumn adjudication will take place as planned in Newton Abbott over the weekend of the 27th/28th November, the first live assessment in two years. Currently we have 15 applicants.

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

EAF Bulletin

The latest issue of the EAF Bulletin (June 2021) is now available.
This issue is digital only in PDF format.
Click on the cover image below to get your copy.
(Previous issues are available on the Bulletin page)

Remote Judging and Lecturing: Updated List May 2021

If you are trying to set up Club activities while physical meetings are not possible, here is a list of EAF judges and lecturers who are prepared to judge and/or lecture remotely.

Click HERE for your copy of the list.

Judges Workshop

The EAF will be running a Judges Workshop on 24th October 2021 at Foxton Village Hall for new judges and a refresher/promotion group for existing judges. An application form is available from our Judges Secretary, Alison Jenkins ARPS DPAGB BPE1* by email at judgessec@eaf.org.uk.

A poster for the event is available HERE

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

The most recent adjudication took place on Monday 26th April with 58 applications nationally, again only for PDIs, but this time at all levels. Once again, I felt the pass rate was low. We had 17 applicants with 7 successful.  Our sincere congratulations go to the following:

Credit PDI:  Andrew Biglin CPAGB from Lowestoft PC, Sally Freeman CPAGB from Chelmsford CC, Gillian Steyn CPAGB and Barry Foster CPAGB, both from Photographic Imaging Co-operative (PICO).

Distinction PDI:  Robert Howarth LRPS, DPAGB, BPE3* from Lowestoft PC, Malcolm Rapier ARPS, PAGB, BPE5* from Edmonton CC and Sophia Spurgin, LRPS, DPAGB from Bishops Stortford CC.

Applicants who have gone down the print route will hopefully be able to have their work assessed in the near future, provisional dates having been set for Sat/Sun 15th/16th May when we have 29 applications, but it is unlikely to go ahead under the current social mixing rules, so yet another delay. It will be great when we are able to catch up at long last.

The next ‘live’ adjudication is scheduled for the weekend of the 27th/28th November in Newton Abbott (hopefully!). Currently, we have 13 applications.

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Awards for Photographic Merit

Due to the current Pandemic the PAGB/APM team are unable to run the usual live Advisory Days, which have been well received by those attending in the past. However, the APM team have set up on-line Advisory sessions to aid those wishing to apply for distinctions. Since these were established in March 2020 they have proved to be very useful to all the potential applicants.

Providing you are in the system, i.e. have applied or are wishing to apply, you can contact David Smith who is the APM administrator. David can be contacted by email at apmonline@thepagb.org.uk. You will then be allocated an advisor from around the country. Alternatively, go to the PAGB website, click on 'Awards', then click on APM Awards Service and complete the form.

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

The latest issue of the EAF Bulletin (March 2021) is now available.
This issue is digital only in PDF format.
Click on the cover image below to get your copy.
(Previous issues are available on the Bulletin page)

EAF Exhibition 2021

The 2021 Exhibition will not be takiing place in May. But we hope to be able to arrange for the Exhibition to take place in August.
   Dates:        14th to 31st August 2021.
   Location:    Wingfield Barns.
   Images:      Prints and PDI's scoring 12 and above at the 2020 Championships. These images have already been judged therefore no further judging sessions will be required.

Click HERE for the full information document produced by Naomi Saul (EAF Exhibition Secretary).

Click HERE for the Poster giving full details of dates and times that the Exhibition will be open.

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

After many months of delay due to the Pandemic the PAGB APMs were at last able to safely run their assessments remotely on 10th January 2021. Thank you to all applicants for being so patient. Sadly the overall pass rate was low. The EAF gained one Credit and one Distinction from seven submitted. Our congratulations go to:

Cathy Holgate CPAGB, from Hertford & DCC

Marion Rapier ARPS,
DPAGB, BPE4* from Edmonton Camera Club

As this system worked well, they hope to run the next adjudication in May, although again only for PDIs. Please watch out for further information in the PAGB APM Bulletins.

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.

Subscriptions 2021

Annual Subscription information, Subscription form and EAF GDPR Compliance Consent form are now available on the Downloadable Documents page

Updated Insurance Information Page

Our Treasurer, Naomi Saul, has produced updated information on insurance requirements and options.
Click HERE to visit the newly updated Insurance webpage.

Subscriptions 2021

Naturally , many of you will be wondering whether the EAF Subscription for 2021 will remain as formally approved at our AGM in February, bearing in mind that some of our activities have had to be cancelled due to the ongoing restrictions of the COVID 19 pandemic

Your Committee have been meeting on the usual dates, but via Zoom technology and as I write this, we have just completed a 3 hour meeting discussing, amongst many other items, the way forward for the Annual Subscription renewal due on 1st January 2021.

To summarise, the Executive Committee have decided that the Subscription payable as approved at our AGM will change for the coming year

That as from the 1st January, 2021 the subscription for each club within the EAF shall be a basic rate of £9 per club and £1.70 per member plus the club subscription to be levied by the PAGB for the year 2021. The minimum overall subscription per club shall be £50"

Due to the restrictions in place as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic – as from 1st January 2021 the Subscription for each existing Member Club within the EAF shall be a basic rate of £10 per Club and £0 per Member plus the Club subscription to be levied by the PAGB for the year 2021 which is now confirmed will also be zero"

From the 1st January, 2021 the subscription for any New club joining the EAF shall be a basic rate of £10 per club and £1.50 per member plus the £38 club subscription levied by the PAGB for 2020"

We are hopeful that this reduction will encourage current Clubs to rejoin us next year at a cost that will also allow them to resolve their own financial situation.

As a Federation, we will still require all Member Clubs/Societies to hold Public Liability Insurance cover for a
minimum of £5,000,000 as a condition of EAF Membership


Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) Online Mentoring

The PAGB have established an on-line advisory scheme. Full details are available in the Awards Secretary report on pages 8/9 of the September EAF Bulletin (See Below)

EAF Championships 2021

Sadly, the Executive Committee has decided that the Championships for 2021 should be cancelled. Full details of this decision is available in the Championship Secretary Report on page 11 of the September EAF Bulletin (See Below)

EAF Inter-Club Print Championship Report 2020

The report on the 2020 EAF inter-club print championship is available HERE

EAF Inter-Club PDI Championship Report 2020

The report on the 2020 EAF inter-club PDI championship is available HERE

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Awards for Photographic Merit

The report on the 2019 Autumn Adjudication held in Watford is available HERE

Successful applicants present at Credit level, including Alan Lindsell (extreme left centre) and Tony Williams (right seated) from the EAF.
(Images courtesy of Terri Adcock)

Successful applicants present at Distinction level, including Colin Bradshaw, Michael Foster, Paul Giles, Nigel Griffiths, Andy Gutteridge, Bob Norris, Peter Milson and Caroline Tillett from the EAF

Awards for Photographic Merit Advisory Day

The report on the APM Advisory Day held at Foxton on Sunday 1st September 2019 is avaiable HERE

Images courtesy of Nick Akers

EAF 2019 Exhibition Portfolio

The Portfolio DVD contains all the images accepted for the EAF Exhibition, as a menu driven presentation. Award winning images and those selected to represent the EAF in PAGB Inter-Federation events will be accompanied by a commentary by Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB.

The Portfolio DVD costs £7.50 and is issued as a disc you can keep. An order form is available HERE. The disc was produced in PC format only with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels

PAGB 2019 Inter-Federation Exhibition Disc

The PAGB Print & PDI Exhibitions are produced on disc which can be obtained for £10.00 and contains some of the best work from around the UK with images that were selected for the Exhibitions. An order form is available HERE, to be completed and returned to Bob Norris.

New Standard Resolution for EAF PDI Competitions

A new Canon WUX500 projector, which can project to a higher resolution, has been purchased. We can therefore adopt the new PAGB standard resolution of 1600px X 1200px for the EAF Championships and the EAF Exhibition. We will continue to accept file sizes of 1400px X 1050px which will project a little smaller on the screen but strongly recommend that smaller file sizes are not used.

More details of the change are available on page 12 of the September 2018 EAF Bulletin

EAF Data Protection Policy - May 2018

The EAF Data Protection Policy document is available on the Downloadable Documents page.