Whom to Contact

If you are not sure who you should be contacting at the EAF, the table below describes the various areas covered by EAF officers.



Nature of Contact Person to Contact E-mail
General enquiries about membership of the EAF The Secretary Secretary@eaf.org.uk
Change of club details The Secretary and Webmaster  notify@eaf.org.uk
Subscriptions The Treasurer Treasurer@eaf.org.uk
Insurance The Treasurer Treasurer@eaf.org.uk
Club events for the EAF Diary on the Web Site EAF Webmaster Webmaster@eaf.org.uk
Posters for the EAF Web Site Poster Administrator posters@eaf.org.uk
Enquiries about EAF events (Day with a Professional) The Events Secretary EventsSec@eaf.org.uk
Enquiries about PAGB Awards Awards Secretary AwardsSec@eaf.org.uk
Contributions for The Bulletin Bulletin Editor  BulletinEditor@eaf.org.uk
Enquires about the EAF Club Championships The Championship Secretary ChampionshipSec@eaf.org.uk
Enquiries about the Judges Workshop Judges Secretary JudgesSec@eaf.org.uk
Updates to the EAF Judges and Lecturers List The Handbook Secretary HandbookSec@eaf.org.uk
Enquires about the EAF Exhibition Exhibition Secretary ExhibitionSec@eaf.org.uk
Booking the EAF Portfolio (Presentation) Portfolio Secretary PortfolioSec@eaf.org.uk
Problems with the EAF Web Site EAF Webmaster  Webmaster@eaf.org.uk

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