East Anglian Federation

Exhibition Entry Rules


Any club member may submit an entry, but only via their Society or Club.
          2. A maximum of 3 monochrome prints, 3 colour prints and 4 projected digital images per entrant is permitted.  The same or similar ­­­­image must not be submitted in more than one section of the Exhibition. There is no limit to the number of members submitting work in a Society or Club's entry.
          3. Prints and projected digital images must not be more than 4 years old. (This does not refer to the date the image was captured).
          4. Any print that is liable to cause damage to other prints will be disqualified (e.g. Velcro pads, poor mounting, tape, coloured 'gaffa' tape or similar etc).
          5. Prints or projected digital Images, which have been accepted in a previous EAF Annual Exhibition will not be eligible.
          6. Members of more than one society or club in the EAF are entitled to enter their prints (monochrome and colour) through one society or club and their projected digital images through another society or club.

Entry Fees and Dates

. There is an entry fee of 60p per image. Clubs and Societies will be responsible for the collection of their members’ entry fees. A ­­­ cheque totalling the whole of each club’s entry fee, made payable to the EAF, should be enclosed with the entries. All entries, ­­­­­­­­­­entry forms and fees must be received by the collector or sub collector by the closing date of Sunday 12th March 2023. Selection Dates: 1st & 2nd April 2023.

Preparation and Presentation

a) Prints must be mounted on a rectangular card 50cm x 40cm. The minimum image size acceptable is­­­ ­300sq cm. To avoid damage, prints should be securely mounted and adequately backed.
              b) All print entries MUST be accompanied by a CD/DVD containing ONLY print digital files (all monochrome and colour together in one ­­­­­folder). Files to be formatted as Rules 11a-c below. File name as print title.
          9. Each print must have the entrant’s name, a title and the name of the entrant’s Society or Club printed on the back preferably in the ­­­top left-hand corner. Prints with the entrant’s name on the front will be rejected.
          10. A club’s projected digital image files must all be loaded on to another CD/DVD. The club’s name must be written on the CD/DVD with a “CD/DVD ­­­marker pen” (no sticky labels).
Projected digital image files, which will be projected on a black background, to be saved in the following format:-
              a) Colour Space – SRGB
              b) File Format – jpeg (.jpg) only, saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop).
              c) Image Size – Maximum width 1600 pixels, maximum height 1200 pixels.
d) File name – Images must be numbered 01, 02 etc up to 20 as they appear on the entry form followed by a space and then the title ­­­­­­­(01 Title.jpg). If more than one sheet is required, the same numbering convention is to be used on subsequent sheets; i.e. 01, ­­­02 ­­­ ­­­­etc. Save the images relating to each sheet in their own folder marked sheet 1, sheet 2 etc and write to CD/DVD. 
          12. CDs must be VIRUS free. All CDs will be checked when submitted and any found with a virus will not be accepted.
          13. All entries must originate from a photographic image (or images) taken by the photographer.
          14. The copyright of all elements of a picture must be at the disposal of the photographer. Clip-art and royalty-free images are not ­­­­­­­­­­­permitted.
Any print or projected digital image not entered on an entry form will be rejected.

Selection and Awards

Acceptances and awards will be at the sole discretion of the selectors.
          17. Awards will be presented for the best monochrome print - best colour print – best projected digital image. Each selector may ­­­also award a Selector’s Award in each category. Highly Commended awards will also be made at the selectors’ discretion.
          18. Acceptance labels will be affixed to all prints selected for the Exhibition

There is no classification of subject matter.
Monochrome Prints; a black and white image or one which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image ­­­is defined as a monochrome print.
          21. Colour Prints; all images except those included in Rule 20 above are defined as colour images. A black and white image which ­­­has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour print.

PAGB Inter - Federation Competitions and Exhibitions

From all the prints and projected digital images accepted an independent EAF panel will select the entries to represent the EAF ­­­in the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain's annual Inter-Federation competitions and exhibitions. Selected prints will have a ­­­special label attached to note this distinction.
          23. Any Society or Club, or individual entrant, not wishing their prints or projected digital images to be considered for entry into the ­­­PAGB Inter-Federation competitions and exhibitions – whether because they wish to enter through another Federation or the ­­­work has previously been accepted in a PAGB Inter-Federation competition and exhibitions or for any other reason – are ­­­required to indicate this on the entry form.
          24. Prints entered for the PAGB competitions and exhibitions will be subject to their current rules and regulations.


In order to comply with GDPR laws,  ALL INDIVIDUAL ENTRANTS MUST sign the Entry Fees Summary Form signifying specific permission for the EAF to hold and use personal data and to reproduce any exhibit for the benefit of the EAF or the PAGB at no charge unless specifically ­­­refused. Images published on the web-site will be in low resolution.
. The EAF reserve the right to reject any image considered unacceptable for public viewing.
. Whilst every precaution is taken with entries, the EAF cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.
          28. Selectors are not permitted to submit an entry into the categories that they are selecting.


Packaging and Dispatching

. Prints must be packed in rigid boxes that can be re-used for returning the entries.
          30. Care should be taken to avoid CD/DVDs damaging prints if they are packed in the same container.
          31. All print boxes, or parts thereof, and other packing material should be clearly marked with the name of the submitting Society or ­­­­­­­Club, a contact name and telephone number.

Notification of Results

All Societies or Clubs submitting entries to the Exhibition will be sent copies of their entry forms after the selection has taken ­­­place. These will indicate the score awarded to each entry, the prints and projected digital images selected for the Exhibition ­­­­­­­­­­and those selected to represent the EAF in the PAGB Inter-Federation Competition and Exhibition.
All entrants will receive a copy of the Exhibition catalogue, which will be available for collection on the opening day of the ­­­Exhibition. Any not collected will be sent to the Club Representative after the Exhibition closes.

Return of Entries

It is anticipated that all prints (with the exception of those selected for the PAGB exhibitions) and CDs will be available for ­­­­­­­collection from the sub-collectors or EAF Exhibition Secretary by the end of June. Alternatively, they will be returned by post if the ­­­necessary return postage is enclosed. Whichever method was used for delivery will be used for their return.
          35. Society or Club Secretaries will be advised when their entries are available for collection.
          36. Prints entered for the PAGB competitions and exhibitions will be returned to their respective Society or Club Secretaries by the ­­­EAF Exhibition Secretary as soon as practicable.