EAF Exhibition

Each individual member of the affiliated Societies and Clubs to the East Anglian Federation is entitled to enter a maximum of 4 monochrome prints, 4 colour prints and 4 Projected Images for consideration for the above exhibition. Your society or club is responsible for the submission of your entries on the appropriate forms and delivery to the Federation. They also have copies of the Rules and Guidelines.

We Want Your Entry

Exhibition Aims and Policy

The aim of the EAF Exhibition is to display the photographs which the appointed panel of selectors consider to be the best in a wide variety of categories and styles from individual photographers in the federation, all of whom have an equal chance to participate. The highest scoring entries will form the EAF entry to the Photographic Alliance Inter-Federation Exhibition.

It is emphasised that the exhibition is not an inter-club event; every submitting photographer is an individual entrant. The entries are not judged by club, but are presented to the selectors in random order. The title of each picture is read out, but the selectors are not told the photographer's name, nor the club name. The Exhibition catalogue will list the accepted work in the alphabetical order of photographers, not clubs.

The selectors are carefully chosen from the best judges in the PAGB, and all of the three selectors on each panel will be from outside the EAF. The method of selection will remain the established scoring system used for national and international exhibitions. The selectors will be carefully briefed that we wish to achieve a balanced display of the widest possible range of subject matter and style, consistent with quality.

The EAF Portfolio

A downloadable Portfolio, showing copies of all the monochrome prints, colour prints and PDI's that were selected to form the EAF Exhibition is produced each year. It also contains a summary of those entries that were then selected to represent the EAF in the PAGB Inter-Federation Exhibition.

The Portfolio provides an economical, easy-to-organise, evening to include in your club's programme at a cost of just £10.00. Only available if your club is an EAF member. It can be obtained on application to the Portfolio Secretary:  email: PortfolioSec@eaf.org.uk   Please also see the Recorded Lectures page.