The East Anglian Federation Audio-Visual Trophy 2023

As the Chairman of The Essex AV Group, I have held the reins of the previously named East Anglian AV Competition for the past 30 years, and with the Group unable to continue, I find myself in a similar position heading the newly titled East Anglian Federation AV Trophy.

Eighteen months into the organisation of the event, with a brilliant committee and a band of helpers, we were prepared for the big day. Then, the bombshell; with two days before we were to set off to Foxton, one of our judges, Keith Brown, became unwell and was unable to travel from Sheffield.

Vic Hainsworth came to the rescue; he was prepared to judge alongside our remaining judge, Richard Brown, and saved the day. Vic has been involved with AV for over forty years and I think he relished the opportunity to judge the first EAF AV Competition, albeit unplanned.

As EAF President, Vic opened the day before taking his place with Richard at the judges' table. Now we were up and running after the panic of the previous day.The event was a great success, and we are now looking forward to next year.

Image 1 (Left/Top): Keith Leedham (Trophy Winner), Richard Brown & Vic Hainsworth.
Image 2 (Right/Bottom): Keith, Dick Williams, Vic & Richard.

Dick Williams ARPS DPAGB-AV
EAF AV Trophy Secretary